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A Millionaire’s First Love April 22, 2009

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A Millionaire’s First Love (백만장자의 첫사랑 – Baekmanjangja-ui cheot-sarang) is a Korean romance film released in 2006. It stars Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee (이연희). The movie was directed by Kim Tae-gyun and produced by Lee Joo-Ick.

Kang Jae-kyung (Hyun Bin) is your typical spoilt rich kid; he’s arrogant, drives sporty cars, attends the big clubs, rides through school corridors on his motorcycle and – wait, that’s not typical at all is it? As his 18th birthday approaches he’s set to inherit his grandfather’s fortune, but that comes with a price. Jae-kyung is going to have to earn his fortune. His grandfather lays down an ultimatum; Jae-kyung is required to transfer to a new school in Gangwondo and graduate. Until then all access to his penthouse, cottage and credit cards is denied. Should he fail to graduate or drop out then he loses everything. With little choice he heads out to the countryside and a small town in which daily life is far removed from what he’s used to.

Shortly after settling into his new home he meets 19 year-old Choi Eun-whan (Lee Yeon-hee), who just happened to run into him back in Seoul. They don’t exactly hit it off; he’s far too stubborn and cool for school, while she sees hope for him and sets out to make him see it for himself. As they eventually draw closer, thanks to a set of coincidences and school projects they learn more about one another, but soon a shattering revelation will change these people forever, or something.


* Hyun Bin starred as Kang Jae-Kyung,
* Lee Yeon Hee starred as Choi Eun-Whan

My Rating:
Story 7, Acting 8, Directing 7

My Comment: some part in this film need more details … anyway I really like yoon-hee lee acting here ❤ …


Lee Yeon Hee April 21, 2009

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Lee Yeon-hee (born January 9, 1988) is a South Korean actress and model under record label and talent agency, SM Entertainment. She made her first appearance in Moon Heejun’s music video, “ALONE” in 2001 and officially debuted in the Korean television drama, Sea God as young Junghwa in 2004.

Early life

Lee was born in the Bundang district of Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. In the summer of 2001, thirteen-year-old Lee successfully signed a contract with SM Entertainment after she won the category of “Best Feature” in the SM Entertainment Best Youth contest. For the contest, she acted out a monologue, singing to Dana The Grace’s “Until the End of the World”, and also did freestyle modeling poses. After she joined the company, she began intense training lessons on acting, singing, and dancing.


Soon after she joined SM Entertainment she began to star in music videos for SM artists, such as those for Moon Heejun, Kangta, Shinhwa, and Fly to the Sky, achieving over SM artist Kim Bomi (of M.I.L.K.) as “The SM music video girl”. In the span of one year, she already starred in eight music videos versus Bomi’s five in two years. Though Lee had relatively steady work between modeling in magazines, commercial ads, and appearing in music videos, she did not officially debut until late 2004. In November, she had a role in the popular historical drama Sea God. A few months later, she landed a role in the latter episodes of the daily drama My Precious Child. A role in Rebirth brought the number of dramas under her belt to three. Lee kept busy throughout the rest of 2005 by filming many commercials and modeling for various magazines.

Lee’s big break came in the form of the movie Millionaire’s First Love playing the lead opposite popular actor Hyun Bin. Lee resolves to “act as hard as she can with all that she’s learned” for her movie debut. Through the movie, she also makes her singing debut, singing “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music in the movie and “Insa” on the original sound track.

Lee’s name as “music video girl” became more apparent after labelmate Zhang Liyin’s 2006 “Timeless” music video, where she starred alongside Super Junior’s Han Geng and Choi Siwon. Two years later, the trio reunited for Zhang’s “I WILL” and “The Left Shore of Happiness”, which were released in early 2008 in China and weeks later, Korea. Together, netizens commonly termed the trio as “The Timeless Cast”.

In 2007, soon after the debut of labelmates Girls’ Generation, she revealed that if she had not decided to continue her career as an actress, she would become a member of Girls’ Generation as they have trained together when they were still trainees.

Year Title Role
2006 A Millionaire’s First Love – Eun-whan
2007 M
2007 My Love
2008 Hello Schoolgirl – Soo-yeong

Television series
Year Network Title Role
2004 KBS Sea God (해신) young Jung-hwa
2005 KBS Resurrection (부활) Kang Shin-young
2006 MBC One Fine Day (어느 멋진 날) Goo Hyo-ju
2008 KBS My Precious Child (내사랑 금지옥엽)
OCN U-Turn
MBC East of Eden (에덴의 동쪽) Gook Young-ran

Music video appearances

* 2001: “ALONE” – Moon Hee Jun
* 2001: “Our Story” – Moon Heejun (Ft. Oh Sang Eun)
* 2002: “Pine Tree” – Kangta
* 2002: “Thanks God” – Kangta
* 2002: “Love Vs. Memories” – Kangta
* 2002: “Condition of My Heart” – Fly to the Sky
* 2002: “HERO” – Shinhwa
* 2002: “Proposing” – Kangta
* 2003: “Habit” – Fly to the Sky
* 2004: “My Little Princess” – TVXQ
* 2004: “The Way U Are” – TVXQ
* 2005: “Persona” – Kangta
* 2006: “Timeless – Zhang Liyin (Ft. Xiah of TVXQ)
* 2008: “Star Wish (I Will)” – Zhang Liyin
* 2008: “The Left Shore of Happiness” – Zhang Liyin


* 2009: “Club No.1” in Sorry, Sorry – Super Junior

Source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hello Schoolgirl April 21, 2009

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Hello Schoolgirl (Hangul: 순정만화  Sunjeong Manhwa) literally “Romantic Manhwa”) is a 2008 South Korean film. Adapted from a popular webcomic by Kang Full, it is the second film directed by Ryu Jeong-ha and stars Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Yeon-hee, Kang-in, and Chae Jung-an.


Kwon Yeon-woo is a thirty year old low-level civil servant who works in a district office; quite innocent for his age, he has been on numerous blind dates in an unsuccessful bid to find a wife. After moving into a new place, be begins to encounter a high school girl, Soo-yeong, on his way to work every morning, and she begins to develop feelings for him. Meanwhile, Kang Sook has just started working at the district office straight out of high school, and falls head over heels for older woman Kwon Ha-kyeong.


* Yoo Ji-tae … Kwon Yeon-woo
* Lee Yeon-hee … Soo-yeong
* Kang-in … Kang Sook
* Chae Jung-an … Kwon Ha-kyeong
* Choi Soo-young … Jeong Da-jeong


Hello Schoolgirl is the second feature film directed by Ryu Jeong-ha, following his 2004 debut Springtime. The film is adapted from the first webcomic by Kang Full, which was serialised on Daum and attracted a record breaking 60 million page views and 500,000 comments from visitors.[3] As with the comic, the story of the film revolves around two unconventional romances with a noticeable age disparity, though other details of the original serial were changed, such as setting the story in the summer as opposed to winter. The script took two years to complete, and filming commenced on 1 April 2008.


Hello Schoolgirl was released in South Korea on 27 November 2008,[6] and topped the box office on its opening weekend with 309,065 admissions.[7] As of 21 December, the film had received a total of 740,379 admissions.[6]

Critical response

Joon Soh of The Korea Times praised the film for retaining the essence of the comic despite deviations from the original story, saying, “Ryu succeeds in capturing the tenderness of the online comic, which slowly comes to the surface as the relationships unfold. There is a rich, layered quality to the film, where each little decision or gesture leads to further meanings and possibilities”; however, it was also noted that, “there are times when the movie aims too much for the conventionally beautiful, sacrificing the awkward, self-deprecating humor that drives much of Kangfull’s works.

Source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My Rating (10 scale):

Story 8, acting 7.5